Temporomandibular Joint Disorders

Temporomandibular joint of jaw joint is a versatile joint of the cranio-maxillofacial skeleton. Improper functioning can hamper patient’s speech, chewing as well as facial growth. Surgical management of TMJ ankylosis is our mastery. We have our own protocol based on more than 14 years of experience. The treatment protocol includes early management and the joint reconstruction, which is done with costochondral graft (CCG) and temporalis muscle pericranial flap. This is a kind of growth center transplantation; which will allow the redundant growth of the mandible & face. Once the mouth opening is achieved further cosmetic corrections are also done. Author has done more than 50 such growth center transplantations with the follow up of about 13 years.

Costo - Chondral Graft & Temporalis Muscle Flap in TMJ Ankylosis Reconstruction

Accidental fracture of temporomandibular joint is a very delicate issue, as it amounts to a fracture of the hip joint. Improper diagnosis and treatment can cause facial deformity, facial pain, headache & decrease in chewing efficiency.

Bil. Subcondylar Fracture - Note Approach, Post Op. Esthetics, Occlusion & Mouth Opening

We have a specific surgical technique of open reduction and rigid internal fixation of mandibular condyle to avoid all these problems. The approach is extensive but has safety in our hands. TMJ dislocations and tumors is another area of kind management.