Facial Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Microvascular Surgery

Beautiful face is the right of everyone. Any accidental, developmental or congenital deformity of face is tackled by any osteotomy of the cranio-facial skeleton including distraction osteogenesis (Ilizarov of jaws) of midface and mandible.

Facial Deformity Correction - Pre & Post

Distraction Osteogenesis for Mandible

Nose and chin are prime areas of the beautiful face; rhinoplasty and genioplasty are done to achieve the facial harmony. Reconstruction of face, mouth and jaws is done after ablative cancer surgeries. Reconstruction of maxilla, palate and pharynx is our area of interest.

Temporalis Muscle Flap for Reconstruction of Maxilla, Palate & Pharynx

Reconstructive micro vascular surgery (Free flap transfer) to reconstruct cheek, tongue, floor of mouth and mandible does not leave the patient with any structural or functional deformity. The results are superior to routine oncologist because the resective surgeon has reconstructive skills as well. This keen approach gives a better quality of life even after radical surgery.

Radical Forearm Flap

Fibula Osteocutaneous Flap

Soft tissue procedures for scars, moles, nevus & hemangioma are done to complete the quorum.

Nevus Excision

Scalp Reconstruction