Cranio-Maxillofacial Injuries

At DIMS accidental injuries and fractures of skull, maxilla, orbit, nasoethamoid complex, mandible are routinely treated by rigid internal fixation

Complex Craniofacial Trauma

Fronto - Naso - Orbito - Ethamoid Trauma

(bone plates and screws – nonresorbable and resorbable) which obviates the need for the dental wiring and mouth closure for 6-8 weeks. To achieve a perfect occlusion (Functional dentition relationship) is a key factor in the treatment of maxillofacial fractures & the author strongly feels that a surgeon of a dental qualification can only understand the concept of occlusion. Compromise in occlusion means failure of treatment as it will affect the chewing, speech and esthetics.

Panfacial Trauma treated with Multiple Bone Plates & Screws. Note Post Op. Occlusion

Special consideration is given for the soft tissue repairs and reconstruction including naso-auro-oculo-plastic repairs.

Auro - Meatal & Nasal Repair

Oculo - Plastic Repair