Cleft Lip, Palate, & Cranio-Maxillofacial Deformities:

At DIMS all cleft care is done under one roof unlike other specialities. The cleft lip palate child is adopted for medical care from its birth till the age of 18 years. Primary repairs are done by a new approach, “Functional Repair concept of Delaire-Markus”, which minimizes secondary deformities of lip, palate, maxilla & face. Primary cleft lip repair is done at the age of 3 months while palate repair is done at the age of 9 months. Alveolar cleft bone grafting is done at the age of 6-8 years to allow cleft orthodontics (dentition alignment) and proper speech therapy. Correction of nasal deformity is done after the cosmetic correction of the jaw deformities. Jaw deformities are corrected by osteotomies in the form of maxillary Leforte – I, II, III, Sagital split, genioplasty and zygomatico-orbital osteotomies.

Cleft Lip - Palate, Pre & Post

Alveolar Bone Grafting with Tongue Flap for Palatal Fistula

Cleft Rhinoplasty & Osteotomy - Pre & Post

Syndromic craniofacial anomalies like craniosynostosis, hypertelorism can also be repaired teaming with the neurosurgeon.